Today I am going on a field trip with my homeschool group to a flower park on the mountains called Taman Bunga Nusantara.

It’s pretty far from where we live, so we first meet up early in the morning to carpool.




The car ride is much longer than I expected it to be, but listening to music (and sleeping) helps the time go by faster.


We finally arrive at Taman Bunga Nusantara. It’s a nice day: not too sunny, not too cold. Plus, since we are visiting on a weekday and during working/school hours, the place is free from crowds. Homeschooling benefits!

Here are some pictures I took (please excuse my poor photography skills):




Of course, I can’t go to the mountains without buying my favorite snack.

We keep expecting it to rain but it doesn’t-until we get in the car, that is. Thank God! What perfect timing!

A while later it actually starts flooding in some places.


We stop at Cimory Riverside, a restaurant & store that specializes in milk products, and have an early dinner.

It turns out Cimory Riverside is literally by the river! Apparently everybody but me already knew, though.


After dinner we look around at the store a bit. Well, that was kind of a bad idea because…

So. Many. Matcha. Products.

It took great self control to not buy anything. Oh, and also:


I know I need to hurry out of the store before I want to buy everything matcha and everything fluffy and cute.






After many more hours of sitting in traffic and getting leg cramps, we at last return home.

There’s nothing like taking a hot shower, relaxing on the couch, and looking back at the freshly made memories (and tan lines sunburns) after a long day.

Until next time.




Dongsaeng and I are procrastinating on sleeping, and she talks to me about how hungry she is. I tell her that earlier I was hungry too, and I have gone down a while ago to eat some chocolate chiffon cake as a midnight snack. The cake was in the fridge for some reason, but I thought nothing of it.

Dongsaeng freezes. “Uh, not to scare you or anything, but that cake has ants on them.

I blink. Ignorance is bliss. Or at least, it was.


My eyes are red from lack of sleep, but I feel a surge of adrenaline. Road trip time!

Road Trips + Good Music = Staring Out The Window Pretending You’re in a Music Video

I tried capturing some pictures of the lovely sunrise. Obviously, the pictures don’t do any justice.


Ah, stretching your legs after being cramped in the backseat of the car is always a nice feeling. The mountain air is so fresh and crisp. I take in a deep breath. Look at all the green! You can’t see these many plants in the city where I live. It’s one of those times I take in everything around me and think, how great Thou art!


I buy a delicious gemblong, a deep fried sticky rice coated with caramel. I have to buy this every time I go to the mountains.

Sidenote: My pinky is purple here from voting last week. In Indonesia, you dip your pinky in ink as a symbol to show that you have voted already.





Flowers and scarves. Two things I love! I finally have an excuse to wear my scarf because it’s actually cold 😀

I am definitely relishing my retreat on the mountain.

Until next time.