Today is Yeye’s (my grandpa) birthday.

Unfortunately, my sisters and I did not have time to buy him a present this year. Thankfully we can combine our skills to make a homemade gift. After all, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, right?

Dongsaeng is the artistic one of the family, so she is automatically tasked to do the card designing. Ask me to do the card designing and- no, let’s just not talk about my lack of artistic skills, okay?


Maknae gets assigned to cake buying (notice is says buying, not making. Lack of oven problems), and I write the card.

Isn’t great how we three have different skills that can be combined for times like this?


We are all dressed up and ready for the birthday dinner. Being the girly girls we are (mostly me, I admit), we have to stop to take a few wefies.


Hooray, we manage to look decent at the same time in one picture! This is a big accomplishment for non-photogenic people like us.



After a delicious dinner, we cut the cake and give Yeye the card.

I may be wrong, but I think he gets a bit teary-eyed while reading it.

Being the jokester that he is, my grandpa at first refuses to have his picture taken because he says we got his age wrong.

“You need to switch the numbers. They’re in the wrong order,” he says (in Indonesian). We all groan. My grandpa laughs, obviously amusing himself.

He really insists to have the numbers switched around for more pictures though, so I relent. It is his birthday, after all.


Happy sweet seventeen birthday, Yeye. It’s good to know that we are the same age now.

Thank you for buying me all those journals when I was younger, for encouraging me to write, and for loving me unconditionally. May God continue to pour His love upon you all the days of your life.


Until next time.


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